About our chocolate

Honey Sweetened Chocolate

Our plain chocolate consists of natural Colombian cocoa liquor, raw honey, and cocoa butter. Our other varieties also include: nuts, sun-dried berries and fruits, seeds, spices and essential oils of the finest quality.

Honey Instead of Sugar


Raw honey is the ultimate substitution for sugar. Honey contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, microelements and ferments, which have a body-toning and health-strengthening effects. Moreover honey is a whole food produced by bees that needs no further refining..

Chocolate sweetened with honey is a tasty and healthy alternative to regular chocolate.

Wide range of chocolate selection!

Natural floral honey imparts the notes of taste to chocolate which sweeteners and aromatics are not able to provide. And we are constantly working on creating new compositions of traditional and brand new flavors. High quality essential oils, nuts, dried fruits, spices and chocolate come together to make new special tastes and savory sensations. Currently we produce more than 20 varieties of dark chocolate and a few kinds of milk chocolate sweetened with honey.



Added value

Our chocolate manufacture – is one of the branches of Dom Masterov charity centre. Our goal is to provide people with disabilities with jobs. By purchasing our chocolate you are helping us to create new jobs for people who need it most.